Wellness Services

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Wellness Services

Managing Health Care Costs with Preventative Wellness

Our Wellness America Program is designed to determine your team members pre-existing health care issues.

Early preventative diagnosis for many cardiac and social behavior issues will keep your employees at work and productive.

Bio-Care’s Wellness America Program can be provided by our experienced on-site staff or with your existing medical support team.

For every dollar of preventative health care cost, the benefit is three fold. Self insured? Check with your benefit administrator to see if the Wellness America program is a covered preventative health benefit.

Bio-Care provides wellness services designed to protect your employees’ health, track long-term health effects of exposure in the workplace, and mitigate risk. We have a team of dedicated health experts who work together to develop early detection programs for your employees to help ensure overall wellness.

Bio-Care utilizes the latest industry technologies, including the collection of medical histories by remote computer and on-site tablets. We offer detailed results for the employer and employee, as well as client secure access to on-line electronic medical records for storage, viewing, and printing.

Let Bio-Care show you how we can improve and manage your regulatory programs allowing you to save both time and money. Bio-Care primarily operates in the Great Lakes region. Contact Bio-Care today at (800) 694-6240 to see how we can help improve your programs today!