Mobile Health Service FAQ

Once we agree to work with Bio-Care Inc, what is the next step? 

Thank you for working with Bio-Care.  Our staff will support your regulatory program by working with you on determining testing services, pricing and scheduling recommendations.  Once the program process is defined and implemented, annual or future testing for similar regulatory testing will become easier.

You will also receive email notifications concerning your program service agreement and two emails, two weeks and one week prior to your testing date to confirm your program.  Three months prior to annual testing needs, you will be contacted by us to begin work on your upcoming testing needs.

How often do I need to test my employees?

Most testing which Bio-Care supports is defined by regulatory requirements.  Bio-Care sales and operations team members can provide suggested testing frequencies during your initial program evaluation.

On the day of testing, when will the Bio-Care program start?

Our onsite staff will notify the client contact administrator for your regulatory program prior to arrival at your work site.   Our trucks and personnel will arrive 30 -45 minutes prior to the testing start time scheduled.  Once testing is completed, the onsite staff will inform the onsite client contact that testing has been completed prior to leaving the site.

What forms of payments can be utilized to pay my invoice to Bio-Care Inc.

We work with many payment arrangements with our clients.  Mostly thru ACH, company check, Credit Card and other software banking payment methods.  Your service agreement overviewing your testing program will indicate your payment method selected.

Can I schedule a testing program for a site outside of the Great Lakes Region?

Bio-Care has many clients with multiple worksites.  Our planning and operations team members can assist your onsite testing programs for different locations outside of our general testing territories.  If the client has a worksite which is not supported by our testing hub, we will work with the client to determine a subcontractor to assist with the program providing a centralized reporting and payment process.