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Managing health and safety information and scheduling testing for your organization is a time-consuming, mundane, and expensive chore.
But how would you like to...
  • Develop your testing programs once and adjust as needed?
  • Access your data 24/7?
  • See who needs testing with a quick glance?
  • Schedule testing quickly?
  • Give your employees access to their results personally and confidentially?
  • Print or email reports quickly?
  • See at a glance that you're compliant?
  • Control who sees what data?
  • Be on the cutting edge?
  • Single or multiple sites, you are in control?
Cambium Management Suite is the Solution for All Types of Organizations!

Health and Safety regulations can create an administrative nightmare. Let CMS© help you manage your programs and medical records. CMS© is an internet software program developed to assist HES personnel in creating testing protocols for employees, auditing testing compliance and medical record electronic storage.

HR departments are often involved in a company’s Health & Safety Program. Without a lot of time to dedicate to Health & Safety, CMS© can be a valuable tool to help you efficiently and more easily complete your testing programs. With the help of CMS©, you will be able to assign job positions to specific testing programs and then track and manage the testing. You’ll also have instant access to the CMS© internet software program to review testing results and reports.

Production time is critical to manufacturing operations. With the help of CMS©, you’ll be able to schedule, track and manage testing for your employees. The process is both efficient and easy and Bio-Care is available to help you throught the process.

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Plant Manager are responsible for the health and safety of their employees. They’re also focused on regulatory compliance. Let Bio-Care’s CMS© internet software program assist your Health & Safety department or HR department manage your health and safety testing programs.

Emergency responders need to stay healthy to service the public. They also are required to meet a lot of regulations such as OSHA and NFPA. Let Bio-Care’s CMS© internet software program assist your department manage their regulatory medical testing programs. CMS© will allow you to create testing protocols, order testing, monitor testing results and store/access electronic medical records. Whether Bio-Care® or another medical provider does your testing, CMS© can be an invaluable tool helping you efficiently complete and track your testing programs.

Hopsital health and infectious disease managers are required to conduct annual testing and screening programs. Bio- Care’s CMS© internet software program can help you manage your programs by allowing you the ability to create testing protocols, assign employees testing, audit completed testing, review reports and store electronic medical records.

Government agencies have regulatory medical testing requirments that they need to comply with. Bio-Care’s CMS©
internet software program can help you in all of the following areas:

  • Transition from paper to electronic medical records
  • Create testing protocols for your staff
  • Assign staff to testing programs
  • Audit testing completed and not completed

Bio-Care’s CMS© can help you more easily and efficiently manage your medical testing programs.

Healthcare providers regularly need to monitor their employee’s for exposures and regulatory medical tests. Our CMS© internet software program can help you manage all of your testing and medical records. CMS© is scalable and will work with any size organization and allows for multiple users to set up testing protocols, monitor testing, and view medical records. Let CMS© help you manage your programs.